New World Connections
New World Connections
  • Just Because It's Business Doesn't Mean It's Not Personal to Us 

    Service. Relationship. Commitment. We believe these matter and promise that when you work with New World Connections you will receive service that goes well beyond what you get with "business as usual."
  • Experience Teaches Us Not to Tell You How We Do Things. It Allows Us to Help You Do Business The Way You Want.

    No matter how cutting edge your processes and procedures are, sometimes it helps to seek out the experience of a company that has learned from and helped others growth with an ever changing world.

Welcome to New World Connections

New World Connections is an international sourcing and trading company headquartered in New York City. From our main office and satellites around the world, we have satisfied clients in a variety of industries for more than 40 years with a dedication to their schedules, terms and business needs.

Recent experiences include overseeing the production for mass-market retailers of apparel worldwide, and sourcing lines of bath, bedding and table linens. We have served as sales, leasing and service partner for alternative energy producers, oil and natural gas exploration companies, and manufacturers of mud logging cabins, software, sensors, monitoring equipment (including water, oil, gas, and dairy flow meters), and replacement parts. Over the years, we have also helped companies distribute products as varied as organic fertilizer, sea salt, chemicals, and cement. There is no one business that defines us. Instead, we are known for the  the network of sources New World Connections has developed over the years that enable us to provide a variety of services for small and medium sized business wanting to expand their international footprint.

If you are interested in a new world of opportunity, please contact us today at to let us know how we can help.